Nisha Millet cultivated the art of swimming at a young age, thanks to her father, who then got her enrolled for swimming lessons. Young Nisha pushed herself to do better every day, practicing with perseverance, along with her academics. Her parents took the roles of being her personal dietician and counsellor respectively.

However hard you train, there’s someone else training harder than you. That’s what kept me motivated.

Despite the challenges a swimmer could face, Nisha focussed on her ultimate goal:  the Olympics. She was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award in the year 2000. She represented India in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where she qualified for the heats. She says that if we have the belief to get something done, we should put in our best efforts, and gradually, we would get there. Hurdles are always there on the road to success. But perseverance without giving up is the key.

After her representation in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Nisha fell victim to severe backache, where medical professionals found difficulty in diagnosing the case. Following several rounds of consultations, Ms Millet was diagnosed with a benign tumour that prevented her from swimming for long periods. After her recovery, she retired from competitive sports and kick-started her new venture, a swimming academy.

Going through those hard times is what sports are all about.

She started the academy to encourage the sport among all ages. She speaks about the health benefits of swimming and how it even cures respiratory ailments like asthma. Even as hydrotherapy, swimming can help people deal with stress. Ms. Nisha along with her team of trainers give lessons to students of all ages, starting as early as one year.

If you learn, you’ll never forget how to swim.

Educational institutions should encourage students to pursue sports if they find promising sportspersons, where the students should reciprocate by not compromising on studies. Ms.Nisha believes that being motivated by people can change perspectives, be it a coach or even your own parent. Being a sportsperson is not about winning medals, but of being passionate about the sport and working hard towards the goal.

Journey To Success

You can have that desire, you can be passionate about it, you might be talented. But the hard work is what has to get you there

Benefits Of Swimming

If you learn, you’ll never forget how to swim

Swimming is a life-skill and with proper guidance, it can be learnt from a very young age. Having many health benefits, swimming as a sport can also strengthen the respiratory system. It should never be about the gold medal, but should be of the effort and enthusiasm you put into learning a sport.